We’ve been creating boring applications for years with the same passion we would have put developing a video game.

This is not going to change.

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From spreadsheets to applications.

Transforming spreadsheets into multi-user, multi-device and multi-language applications integrated to your systems.


We put the soul on your products.

Creating software for industry machines, management applications and web services.


Different systems, one user experience.

Integrating heterogeneous and legacy systems providing your people with a coherent user experience that supports error-proof operations.


We’ve created the Dueuno Academy, to train and certify your people so they can be effective with the dueuno technologies. You will learn how to master the Dueuno Elements framework during our training course. We’ll give you all the required knowledge to develop multi-user, multi-device and multi-language business web applications in days instead of months.

At the end of the course you’ll attend the exam to become a Dueuno Elements Certified Developer and start building applications at your own organization.