Dueuno Elements

A modern technology to build modern applications. Robust, reliable and easy to use on computers, tablets and smartphones.

The Dueuno Elements user interface is synonymous with usability, accessibility and modernity. Every application has the same look-and-feel to lower the cost of onboarding, training, and updates.


Web technologies evolve rapidly. Dueuno Elements applications decouple the business logic from the user interface. It means you can upgrade your applications to new technologies at virtually no cost.

Mobile first

Dueuno Elements uses the latest generation web technologies. This makes applications usable from computers, tablets and smartphones without having to rewrite them.


Operators accessing a Dueuno Elements application see only the part of the process that interest them, so as not to be overwhelmed with irrelevant information.


Dueuno Elements applications natively support international businesses. Languages, currencies, units of measure and number/date formats are user configurable. The translation of the entire application into other languages ​​is always possible at a low cost.


Each Dueuno Elements application can be used natively and without additional costs to serve different customers. Each will have its own independent and isolated database which guarantees data separation. Every DBMS can also be different: Oracle, Microsoft and Open Source are all valid alternatives. It is not necessary to modify the application.

The LEGO way

Dueuno Elements allows you to build the application in a similar way you would assemble a LEGO set. The sets can then be further assembled so as to allow you to reuse already tested components and technical solutions.

One Language

Dueuno Elements uses the Apache Groovy programming language on JVM (Java). It is a modern language already chosen by NETFLIX, ORACLE, SAP and many other companies. Apache Groovy is the key to lowering the cost of onboarding junior staff while allowing your seniors to tap into the huge amount of technologies available to the Java world.

Cloud First

Dueuno Elements applications can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or on embedded systems depending on your specific needs.

Security First

Dueuno Elements is a complete solution for security management which includes: Authentication (DBMS, LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, etc); Authorization; Access auditing and other operations; Encryption of passwords/other sensitive data of the highest level (PBE with Hmac SHA512 and AES_256).

Database Agnostic

Dueuno Elements uses the DBMS already in use by your company. You can write the logic using SQL or with GORM get a complete abstraction in case you plan to be able to reuse the application on different databases.

Platform Agnostic

Dueuno Elements applications make use of an Open Source stack based on JVM (Java) which makes them installable both on Windows or Unix servers and on embedded systems.


Dueuno Elements allows you to expose or consume web services in every available protocol from SOAP to REST with XML or JSON payloads and every future evolution due to the enormous availability of Java libraries.